We like Evil Hat

Evil Hat Productions is releasing The Dresden Files RPG. Because they are cooler than your average company, they have a special deal with us. If you stop into the store and pre-pay for the hardcover version of the game, we will give you the current draft version of the game in a PDF file. So, you can have the rules now, and the hardcover as soon as it comes out.

How sweet of a deal is that?

Magic Draft

Last night we finally had enough players that we ran a magic draft. Unfortunately, we ran a little behind, and then a little late. But it was still a good first night.

Pretty good night

While two old friends played Flames of War, the Battletech demo started, the World of Warcraft TCG got underway and I got to play Year of the Dragon.

What do you mean we don’t have something for everyone?

This Week

On Saturday at 2 Filamena Young and David Hill will be giving a demo of their new RPG, Maschine Zeit.

“You never really know someone until they’re bleeding out in front of you. In Maschine Zeit, you’ll get to know everyone around you very well. Maschine Zeit is an RPG that emulates the sci-fi horror conventions of Alien, Dead Space, Event Horizon and Pandorum, using movie logic and dramatic appropriateness instead of trying to emulate realism.”

Magic draft is this Wednesday.

Upcoming Special Events

Sunday April 18th is the pre-release tournament for the new Magic set, Rise of the Eldrazi.

Saturday, May 8 will be Legend of the 5 Rings day. A single price will include a standard deck, a deck constructed by one of our advanced players and as many freebies as we can get to you. Details coming soon.

Sunday, May 23 is the Flames of War Tournament. If we get 12 players, we are a regional qualifier.

This week

Tuesday: Magic in the afternoon continues. At 6 we will be starting open board games – if you have a request for a specific game, feel free to ask. The World of Warcraft CCGs players will also be in on Tuesday night.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will continue to laugh at my attempts to paint my RoboRally figures. We will be holding a Magic Draft this week.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.

Friday, starting at 6:30 we will be running Magic. Most of our players are interested in arriving earlier and starting earlier.


      12:00 Blood Bowl
      2:00 Maschine Zeit
      5 or 6 as the crowd filters out, we have open board games. The game cabinet is full of interesting things, and you can feel free to bring your own. We continue to have a growing crowd for games.

Sunday, the FOW Escalation League is at 1200 points.