Best sellers?

Recently, I was asked what our best selling board/non-collectible card games were. So…

All Time This year
1 Settlers of Catan Smash Up
2 Dominion Firefly the game
3 Forbidden Island Settlers of Catan
4 Dixit Forbidden Island
5 Tsuro: The Game of the Path Love Letter
6 Carcassonne Ticket To Ride
7 Ticket To Ride DC Deck Building Game
8 7 Wonders Gloom
9 Zombie Fluxx King of Tokyo
10 Small World Elder Sign dice game

I stripped out expansions to just include stand alone games – otherwise a number of Netrunner expansions would have been on the list.

Shadowfist Combat in Kowloon would have been just above Love Letter this year if I hadn’t called it a CCG.

Fluxx and Munchkin have several stand-alone variants, in the end I kept them separate rather than lump them all together to boost their placement.

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