Top RPG Books

Naturally, after boardgames, someone asked about RPGs.

We have a 5 way tie for 8th this year.

All Time This year
1 Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook
2 Pathfinder Beginner Box Fiasco
3 Pathfinder RPG Gm Screen Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign
4 L5R RPG Corebook 4E Pathfinder Beginner Box
5 Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide Star Wars Edge of Empire Beginner
6 Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Star Wars The Edge of Empire
7 Pathfinder Bestiary Star Wars Edge of Empire GM
8 Fiasco Marvel heroic Basic game/
Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment/
L5R RPG Imperial Histories 2/
Mythic Adventures/
Pathfinder Bestiary/
Fate Core
9 Burning Wheel RPG
10 Pathfinder Ultimate Combat


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