Best Sellers

Around this time of year people start asking what our best sellers were. So…

All Time Last 12 Month
1 Settlers of Catan Boss Monster
2 Forbidden Island Smash Up
3 Smash Up Betrayal at House on the Hill
4 Carcassonne Settlers of Catan
5 Boss Monster Forbidden Island
6 Dixit Love Letter
7 7 Wonders Carcassonne
8 Betrayal at House on the Hill Firefly the game
9 Ticket To Ride Pandemic
10 Small World Adventure Time Card Wars/Doomtown/Smash Up Awesome Level 9000

I stripped out expansions to just include stand alone games. And yes, that is a 3 way tie for 10th place.

For those of you who love this sort of this, you can compare it to last year’s list.

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