New games on the shelf

  • Oath of the Brotherhood – Send your pirates (workers) out on the board amassing resources to finish missions to impress the become the new chief pirate in the Brotherhood.
  • Touria – Control a band of adventures in the land of dancing towers to earn the victory and marry the heir! A quirky game of decision making and pressing your luck.
  • Muertoons – A fun, light, card game as you try to play the right cards to sneak past grumpy Tio Rico to get to the Day of the Dead celebration.
  • Sentient – Each time you add a new robot to your line up, it modifies the dice on the robot cards next to it in this easy to learn puzzle game.
  • Cities of Splendor – 4 new expansions (which can’t be combined) for Splendor; new nobles, new cards and new mechanics.
  • Red Dragon 6 – A standalone expansion to The Red Dragon Inn where everyone plays a villian. Gamble, brawl, and drink the night away as you compete to be the last villain standing at the end of the night.

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