Free RPG Day

This Saturday, July 25th, 2020 1:00-7:00 pm

Saturday for Free RPG day this year, we tragically can not run RPGs. Instead you will engage in a series of quests to reap the rewards of this adventure. The quests and rewards are shown below in bold.

When choosing your rewards, you may not duplicate items, each is a unique artifact! Fellow party members, please respect the limited supply, and choose a unique reward. A broad base of expertise is needed to avoid a Total Party Kill!


1) Call to Adventure! Many times, going is the hardest part of the quest. Being here is a great start.
Quest 1) Showing up gets you 1 pick from the loot table.

2) Search for Clues! Join the 7th Dimension Games email list.
We promise we will try to keep emails as relevant as possible. The “interests” limit emails to your area of interest.
Quest 2) Sign up for the email list to earn 1 pick from the loot table.

3) Support your local Merchant Guild! Spend $50.00 at 7th Dimension Games on Free RPG Day
Spend the hoard you just acquired or gear up for your first adventure. We have a wide variety of miniatures, dice, source books, and accessories to improve your game experience
Quest 3) Spend $50 at 7th Dimension Games on Free RPG day to acquire 1 pick from the loot table.

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