The State of the Store

Since people keep asking how we are doing, here’s the end of July report.

Our doors were open for all of July, and the majority of our sales are now in person again, although we still do a few deliveries every week.

The bad news is for the month of July we were still down over 10%. However, this makes it our best month since the Before Times. The good news is we earned enough to pay all our bills for the month.

More bad news: realistically we do not anticipate having in store events until 2021.

BIG CHANGE for delivery: Based on time it takes to do deliveries, we have changed our fee structure. For locations less than 5 miles we will continue to charge $5. For locations from 5 to 10 miles we have increased the delivery fee to $10.

CHANGE for game rentals: We are going to open up our game rentals again. However, the rental fee will cover 3 days. When the game is returned it will be unavailable for 4 days to air out as a precaution.

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