Game of Thrones

On March 11th, at 1 PM, we will be holding the 1st Quarter Game of Thrones tournament, March to Battle.

Top prizes: set of acrylic House Baratheon tokens and an alternate art card “Marching Orders."

Top 16 players will get an alternate art card “Stannis Baratheon”

Buy-in is $5.

New games this week

We received several new games this week, including:

  • Dark Mages - A card game for 2-8 players where you battle all adversaries to become the Northland continent's most legendary magician.
  • Tak: A Beautiful Game - A two player game "simple in its rules, complex in its strategy."
  • Area 1851 - You are one of the top tinkerers in the Wild West. Compete to deliver the best gadgets!
  • Meduris - Your workers must skillfully place their huts and temple to obtain the most supplies to make an offering to the gods.
  • King of the Jungle - Determine which player is secretly playing which animal in the jungle. Attack when the conditions are in your favor to become the last animal standing.

Don't ask us about Gloomhaven, it came and went so fast that it made our head spin.


Our first tournament for X-Wing this year! Top 2 players get acrylic tractor beam tokens and alternate art Ketsu Onyo.

Participating requires a $5 purchase (the purchase may be store credit).

Be here February 25th, at 1PM!

Cash ‘n Guns

We've got four foam Uzis to give out to the people that want to come in and play Cash 'n Guns.

We will be starting at 1 PM, Saturday the 18th. We've got space to hold 8 players at a time.

To participate, you must make a $5 purchase, which may be $5 of store credit.

Ogre Demo

Saturday, February 11th, at noon, we'll be giving a demo of the new version of Ogre!

Anyone playing a game can get a free mid-sized Ogre to add to their collection!

Magic Game Day

February 11 & 12 will be running 2 Magic Game Days at 1PM on both days.

Both days are $5 entry. Prizing will be slightly different, although both days allow a chance to win the above Championship Playmat.

On Saturday, we will be using our traditional FNM prizing of open packs chosen in rank order. Additionally, for each 4 players, a random pack be given out.

On Sunday, we will be running a flat 3 rounds and awarding the winner a sealed booster pack of Aether Revolt for each round won.

Aether Revolt League

Mondays, until Feb 13th, stop in during the evenings to play in our Aether Revolt League. To participant, you buy 3 sealed packs and make a 30 card deck.

Lose 3 games, you be able to add a pack.

Each week, you may add a pack.

Anyone participating will be receiving a special double sided token.

Project Backroom nears completion

When we moved in, we used our backroom for all of our random cleaning products, etc. This year, we made it a priority to put it to good use.

If you thought the main room was to loud for your game, starting today, we now have a rentable semi-private room. There is room for a single 6' table, so small groups only.

Cost is $10 for a weekday evening, or $10 for each 2 hours on the weekends.

Reservations will be accepted in advance with a deposit.

Robinson Crusoe

Feb. 4 at 1PM we will be running an event for Robinson Crusoe cooperative game. Everyone will be getting a Spyglass to break when they despair.

To participate, you must buy a $5 gift die.