New games

  • Medieval Academy - Draft cards to become the best squire in the different training categories, scoring Chivalry Points to win.
  • Flatline - A co-operative dice game; each round is a one minute race dealing with the needs of wounded crew members as well as other emergencies within the ER.
  • Fields of Green - Try to expand your farm over the course of four years. Add fields, livestock and facilities, building an economic engine to bring you to victory.
  • Unlock! - Three different games that simulate an escape room. Work together to solve the puzzles and get out alive. The games require a free app.
  • Ghosts Love Candy - As a real ghost on Halloween, you want to collect the most candy! Scare kids enough that they'll leave you some, but not to much or they'll run away.
  • Notre Dame - The 10th Anniversary edition is here. Increase the power and prestige of your family by controlling the boroughs surrounding the cathedral. Take care of your populace, or face fines.
  • Cyclades: Monuments - Monuments is a new expansion for Cyclades that allow you to build temples dedicated to Zeus or Poseidon's glory, a great university to Athena, or a citadel from which Ares will watch down with each of these new buildings giving you a unique power to achieve victory.

Star Wars Destiny

June 10th, at 1PM, will we be holding our next Star Wars Destiny event! A $5 entry includes a participation booster, and we'll be awarding prize boosters at the end of the event. For every 3 people that play, we'll give away 2 packs of Spirit of Rebellion.

New Games

  • Sagrada - Players compete to build the best stained glass window masterpiece by drafting dice and using "special tools" to place them.
  • Lorenzo il Magnifico - Accumulate prestige and fame to gain to advance your noble family in Renaissance Italy during the Italian renaissance. Give your family members different jobs and don't forget to pray hard, or suffer penalties for ignoring the church. Players uses worker placement, card drafting and dice rolling.
  • In the Year of the Dragon (10 year anniversary edition) - Players must survive 12 months against disease, drought, and attacks from the Mongols and still have enough money to offer a tribute to the Emperor. The anniversary edition includes The Great Wall of China & The Super Events that were not part of the original game.

New games this week

  • Colosseum - is a reprint of the Days of Wonder game. Produce great spectacles in your arena in the hopes of attracting the most spectators. Earn fame and money by putting on the biggest show.
  • The Captain is Dead - A co-operative game. Without a captain, can the crew repair the damage to the ship while the aliens are still attacking?
  • Honshu - Make sets of cards to get tiles to make your best personal map.
  • Yokohama - Be the best merchant, gaining fame from a successful business by building a store, broadening your sales channels, learning a variety of techniques, and responding to trade orders from abroad.

Magic Game Day!

This Saturday at 1 PM we will be having the Magic Game Day!.

You must bring a Standard deck to try to win the Championship mat!

We will be running 4 rounds regardless of turn out. This will allow you to get more games in, and the opening random pairings will have less effect on standings.

  • 4-0 gets 4 packs
  • 3-1 gets 2 packs
  • All other players get a pack

Entry fee is $5.

Warmachine Steamroller

  • Start time: Registration starts at 11:00am, dice roll at 12:00pm.
  • Prizes: Players that finish with a positive record get store credit.
  • Entry Fee: $10, with $2 going to the terrain fund.
  • Army Lists: 75 points with 20 points of Specialists. No Divide & Conquer, so the second list is optional. Baseline character restrictions, so you cannot bring Wurmwood in both of your lists.
  • Number of Rounds: 3-4, depending on turn out.
  • Round/Turn lengths: We will be using the Deathclock variant (60 minutes). Deployment is on the clock.
  • Scoring: We will use the Control Point variant for final standings.
  • Scenarios: Steamroller 2017 Beta
  • Painting: No painting requirement.

Friday Night Magic Standard

Magic the Gathering

Starting this week we are going to change up our prize structure for our Standard Magic. To standardize the event, we will be running 4 rounds regardless of turn out. This will allow you to get more games in, and the opening random pairings will have less effect on standings.

  • 4-0 gets 4 packs
  • 3-1 gets 2 packs
  • All other players get a pack

Additionally, all undefeated players, and one random player will get a full art foil land from Amonkhet, until the supply from Wizards runs out.

Star Wars Destiny Event!

May 4th is the release of the second set of boosters for Star Wars Destiny, Spirit of Rebellion.

To celebrate we will be running an event on Saturday, May 6th, at 1 PM. Winner gets an alternate art Jango Fett and damage counters. All participants will get an alternate art card for Electroshock.

To play you must bring your deck and buy 2 boosters of the new set, which you may use to make last minute changes.