Today’s Flames of War results

Chris’s Romanians lost to Rich’s 21st Battalion, 2 to 7.
Gary beat Colin, 7 to 2.
Chris went on to beat Colin’s Germans, 6 to 2.
Chris lost to Bob, 2 to 7.

New Ranks are:
Rich: 7
Pete: 7
Gary: 7
Bob: 7
Chris: 7
Colin: 3
Tom: 2
Erik: 2

L5R Harbinger release party

Thursday the 21st we will be having a release party for the newest set of L5R cards.

There will be a $25 fee to enter the tournament and you will get a deck and boosters. The exact number of boosters will be determined by the number of players we have.

This week at 7th Dimension Games

The new Warmachine MkII book has come and gone. If you need a copy and didn’t reserve one, let me know as soon as possible so I can set one aside for you.

Players of Arcane Legions will want to talk to me about the Servants of Thebes expansion pre-orders.

Up Coming special events:

Saturday the 16th Tom Carlin wants to run a demo of Nuts! – Time to be announced.

Saturday the 23rd will be another Bob Fanelli game – the Battle of Bushy Run.

Saturday the 30th we will be running a Warmachine Game using the new rule set. If you know you need a book or deck of cards, let me know so that I can pre-order everything.

The usual schedule:

Tuesday: A few people will be meeting to play magic in the afternoon. At 6 we will be starting open board games – if you have a request for a specific game, feel free to ask.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will be in the store laughing at my attempts to paint my RoboRally figures.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings and World of Warcraft CCGs.

Friday, starting at 7 we will be running Magic.

Saturdays are always busy:

10AM: Pokemon

11AM: AT-43

Noon: Monsterpocalypse – every player earns a prize!

3:00 PM Arcane Legions!

5 or 6 as the crowd filters out, we have open board games. The game cabinet is full of interesting things, and you can feel free to bring your own.

Sunday the Flames of War Mid-War Escalation League continues with 600 point armies.

Busy day for Flames of War

Pete got in two more games. Pete beat Tom 7 to 2, then he beat Bob 6 to 3.

Meanwhile Chris beat Gary 5 to 4.

Since the ranking is based on your best game per level, the new ranking is:

Pete: 7
Gary: 7
Chris: 6
Rich: 6
Bob: 3
Colin: 3
Tom: 2

Simultaneous Flames of War

Two different Cauldron fights occurred on a single table. Chris had a rematch with Pete, final score Romanians 6, Germans 3.

Meanwhile, Gary’s Soviet rifleman beat Tom’s US Airborne, 7 vs 2.

New Ranks:
Gary: 7
Chris: 6
Rich: 6
Pete: 4
Colin: 3
Tom: 2


An official Catalyst Game Lab rep will be giving a demo for the BattleTech miniature game on Tuesday the 19th at 6PM.

“The BattleTech/MechWarrior universe is a dynamic setting where star empires wage endless war for domination, sending MechWarrior-knights and their armies of giant, humanoid BattleMechs to clash across alien worlds. A place where heroes and villains bring the universe to life, spawning a host of games, novels, toys and more.”

Fanelli returns

The Battle of Bushy Run took place August 5-6, 1763 in western Pennsylvania, between Pontiac’s Indian confederation and a force composed of Highlanders and the 60th Royal American Regiment.

On Saturday the 23rd, Bob Fanelli will be running his famous home-brewed miniature game system so you can fight this battle. He can handle up to 10 players, spaces will be given to people that reserve a space in advance, then first come, first served.