Warmachine Steamroller

  • Date: Sunday, January 8th
  • Start time: Registration starts at 11:00am, dice roll at 12:00pm.
  • Prizes: Players that finish with a positive record get store credit.
  • Entry Fee: $10, with $2 going to the terrain fund.
  • Army Lists: 75 points with 20 points of Specialists. No Divide & Conquer, so the second list is optional. Baseline character restrictions, so you cannot bring Wurmwood in both of your lists.
  • Number of Rounds: 3-4, depending on turn out.
  • Round/Turn lengths: We will be using the Deathclock variant (60 minutes). Deployment is on the clock.
  • Scoring: We will use the Control Point variant for final standings.
  • Scenarios: Steamroller 2016
  • Painting: No painting requirement.

End of year sale

Come in before 2017 for any of these deals!

  • Star Wars Armada - $99.95 $65
  • Buy an X-Wing Starter plus Heroes of the Resistance, get any $14.95 blister for free
  • Star Trek Attack Wing Blisters - $3 each
  • Reaper Minis - Buy one, get one free for green price tags
  • Warmachine/Hordes - 20% any white price label items
  • Ascension X: War of Shadows - $39.99 $24.99
  • Champions of Midgard - $59.99 $34.99
  • Dead of Winter: The Long Night - $49.99
  • Buy Catan Traders & Barbarains and get the 5-6 player expansion for free
  • Pathfinder Flip Mats - Buy one, get 50% off your second one
  • 20% off any Legendary deck building expansion
  • Magic: Planeschase Anthology - $119
  • Magic: From the Vault: Lore - $44.99
  • Magic: Eternal Master Booster Box - $199.99

Aether Revolt Prereleases

7th Dimension Games will be running 6 prereleases for Aether Revolt January 14th & 15th. Each player will get 2 packs of Kaladesh, 4 packs of Aether Revolt, a rare card that is foil with the date stamped on it and a spin down die.

Sign up is $30 per player per event.

  • Saturday 12:01 AM (Just after Friday midnight)
  • Saturday 9AM - Please buy at door
  • Saturday Two Headed Giant at 2PM
  • Saturday 6PM - SOLD OUT
  • Sunday Noon
  • Sunday 6PM

Sunday at noon we'll be running 5 rounds, you must go 3-2 or better to win packs. The other 4 events will be our flat payout of 1 prize pack per round won.

Two headed Giant will be a 3 round event - everyone gets a prize pack, and 1 additional prize pack per player per round won.

Players that pay in store at least a week in advance get a free pack of sleeves and a drink.

Online tickets are available now.

Holiday Schedule

Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th, we will be closing at 3.

Christmas Day, 12/25 we will be closed all day.

New Year's Eve, Dec 31st, we will stay open until 1AM.

All other days will be our regular schedule.

Your Destiny has arrived!

On sale today, Star Wars Destiny, the new collectible card and dice game from Fantasy Flight.

Guilds of London - place your liverymen in strategic Guilds, building your power base, so that you can achieve the status of Master

Pandemic the Cure: Experimental Meds - adds a fifth virus and Hot Zones to the dice game.

New Angeles - set in the world of Android, you cut deals and forge temporary alliances to amass the most wealth.

The Blood of an Englishman - chose your role as Jack or the Giant in this two player card driven game from a local designer.

There is My Claim - the new expansion for Game of Thrones LCG