Upcoming Magic

Friday, 10/5 is the release of Guilds of Ravnica.
We have extra prerelease boxes that we will be using for a 7PM sealed tournament. If we have at least 8 people that want to draft, we will run that too. Commander will be available as always.

Starting Monday, Oct 8, we will have 4 nights of Guilds of Ravnica League. For league you come in, buy 3 packs and build a 30 card deck. Play any opponent who is ready to play. Play 10 games to get a foil Necrotic Wound. Additional promos every 10 games. Each time you lose 3 games or return for the following week you may buy an additional pack to tune your deck.

Legends of the 5 Rings

The Conflict Tournament is the standard L5R format.

Participation: Ornate Fan
Top 4: Acrylic Tokens & Code Card
Top 2: Extended Art Elemental Fury
First place: Lion Clan Imperial Favor

Entry $5

September Magic

With a new set coming out, there are several Magic the Gathering events happening.

Friday, September 14th, bring your Standard deck for our Store Championship. Every player gets a copy of Emmara.

The undefeated Champion gets the Championship playmat.

Saturday, September 22nd is Open House to teach new players how to play Magic. Any new player, or someone that plays a new player, will get a Boros Challenger.

Saturday, September 29 & 30, is Prerelease!
We will be running 6 prereleases for Guilds of Ravnica. Each player will get 5 packs of Guilds of Ravnica, a rare card that is foil with the date stamped on it, a spin down die and a pack that contains only cards from your chosen Guild. From those packs they must construct a deck and play in the tournament. Guild choice goes to players that sign up first.

Sign up is $30 per player per event.

  • Saturday 12:01 AM (Just after Friday midnight)
  • Saturday 9AM – doors open at 8:30
  • Saturday Two Headed Giant at 2PM
  • Saturday 6PM – SOLD OUT
  • Sunday Noon
  • Sunday 6PM

Sunday at noon we’ll be running 5 rounds, you must go 3-2 or better to win packs. The other 4 events will be our flat payout of 1 prize pack per round won.

Two headed Giant will be a 3 round event – everyone gets a prize pack, and 1 additional prize pack per player per round won.

Players that pay at least a week in advance get a free pack of sleeves when they arrive for the event.

Tickets are online or in store.

Dust Demo

This Saturday (1/18) at 1 PM we will be giving a demo on DUST 1947

DUST 1947 is a tabletop miniatures game in set in the world of Paolo Parente’s DUST.

Stop on in if you are interested.

No Gencon for us

Out in Indianapolis one of the largest gaming conventions, Gencon, has just started. A whole slew of new games will be there.

So we decided that we need to make some space!

Anything in store with a Green or Orange price label is now 20% off until we close on Sunday!

A tale of Two Saturdays

This Saturday, 7/21, we have nothing on the schedule, come down and play whatever all day long.

Next Saturday, 7/28, we will be running the X-Wing Store Championships. Last time we had a full house and didn’t have much table space for anyone during the day. We encourage board gamers to arrive at 5 or 6 before they can expect to get the play space they want.

FNM – Friday Night Magic

Friday the 13th is the release of Magic Core 2019

For Friday Night Magic we will attempt to run 3 events at the same time:
1) Sealed release event for Magic 2019 using extra prerelease boxes.
2) If we have at least 6 people that would rather draft, we will run a Magic 2019 draft
3) Also, Commander

There is no Standard event this week.